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The following details are subjective and everyone should do their own research.

Finding the best dog toys for an Australian Shepherd



Finding the best dog chew toys can be hard as it can seem like nothing is durable and fun for your puppy/dog, it just never seems to  be durable enough but there are toys out there that will work for even the toughest of chewers and they also provide them with hours of fun. 


Most dogs love to chew as it is a form of stress relief and curiosity for the puppy/dog. however they can be strong chewers and therefore destroy toys quickly.  There are toys out there that work for even the toughest chewer and provide them with hours of fund. Looking for appropriate toys is half the fun.


Puppies tend to explore their world by putting everything in their mouths and this can be dangerous for them and more frustration when the decide to chew your property.  Therefore finding a good chew toy is very important.


It is important to look for certain qualities to look for in the best toys.You are looking for  durability and the ability to hold your dog's interest. You want something to engage you dog but also hold up to the wear and tear of constant chewing. This means finding a toy(s) that are made tough enough and hard to damage.  Also you need to find toys that will fit well in your dog's That means finding a toy that is made of a tough, hard to damage material in a size that will fit comfortably in your dog's mouth.  The toy(s) also need to be not too small so it does not become a chocking hazard. 


Check the Kong website for types of toys, chewing style, size, etc.

Kong's been one of the most popular dog chew toys for years.  It is a rough and tumble toy made of extremely strong rubber that can hold up to even the hardest of jaws. Also Kong is made in a shape to wobble and bounce to help keep you dog entertained and is hollow with an opening at either end to put in kibble or treats if desired. 

  • Kong sizes small up to 20 pounds, medium 15 to 35 pounds, large 30 to 65 pounds.  It is better to size up for safety.

  • Some examples of Kong Puppy Toys.  



3 Best Dog Herding Balls + Benefits of Ball Herding!

How to Find Non-Toxic Dog Toys and Tell If a Toy is Safe

Authored by Colin Rigley  January 23, 2018 Updated: January 16, 2020


Dog toys: How to pick the best and safest

Popular Dog Chews That Are Actually Dangerous to Dogs

Are Rope Toys Safe for Dogs?

If your dog loves to disembowel stuffed animals and decimate Frisbees, he isn’t just ripping these toys apart—he’s eating a portion of them. A majority of the time, foreign objects pass through your dog’s digestive system without a problem. In fact, you might not even know your pet ate something he shouldn’t have. However, in rare instances, swallowing foreign objects can cause serious, even life-threatening problems to your dog’s digestive system.

If your dog is chewing on a rope toy, he’s likely eating parts of that rope toy, too. Swallowing strands of rope is much more dangerous than eating chunks of rubber, plastic, or cotton stuffing. Vets describe these strands as “linear foreign bodies,” which are the most harmful objects an animal can swallow.

If your dog has eaten part of a rope toy, schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dog Owner Shares Heartbreaking Warning After Golden Retriever Dies From Rope Toy


When Indria Tuckler bought some rope toys for her dogs, she had no idea that they would cause the death of one of her beloved pets.

Buying toys for our pets is a common and loving thing to do. When our fur babies spot a new toy, their eyes light up, their tails start thumping, and it’s obvious they can’t wait to play. Toys can turn even the eldest of dogs back into puppies, even if just for a moment. It’s the sweetest.

Tuckler bought a few sturdy-seeming rope toys made specifically for dogs from HomeGoods, a reputable store. She assumed that they would be safe for her dogs to play with.

However, they didn’t last long. In the space of a day, all the toys were torn apart, leaving lengthy rope shreds all over her house. Tuckler immediately gathered the pieces and threw them into the trash.

But Sam, her 14-month-old Golden retriever, had already swallowed parts of the rope, and it severely damaged her intestines.

She died a couple of days later.

“The ball unraveled and tore several holes in her intestines as she tried to pass it,” Tuckler wrote in a post she shared to the Facebook group Vizsla Dog Lovers. “They removed 3 feet of rope that was entangled in her intestines. They also removed 14 inches of perforated intestines. The damage from the rope was so extensive that she passed away two days later. We did not even have the option of having another surgery. She quickly became septic and bled from her intestines into her stomach.”

Tuckler made a choice that countless pet parents have made. She thought she was giving her puppy a tough, fun toy that would make her happy. Instead, it cost her her life.

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