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-- it has been a long time since my family purchased a puppy from you. We bought the puppy you had named "Lightning" (now known as Rascal) back in June of 2013. A little late of an update but I just thought I would commend you on producing the sweetest, cuddliest, and loyalist dog out there. We have had Rascal for coming on 9 years now and he has been a dream to grow up with. Even though he is starting to grow old he still has that crazy puppy energy! Thank you for bringing him into the world several years ago. 

--Not a day goes by that wherever we walk or take Daisy to (Agility etc.) someone complements on her markings and what a beautiful puppy she is.

--I just wanted to reach out to let you know that "Luna" made it home with us safely friday.  She was a dream in the car and has been a wonderful addition.  She is so well behaved, no nipping or jumping on the boys and has settled in very well.  Her temperment is so calm and she is already  starting to respond to our signals.  We are very thankful for allowing her to come with us!

-Just thought we would send you another update on the girls as Indie is 5 months old today and Blu will be 18 months old on Monday! These girls sure are growing up quickly. Indie has lost all but one of her baby teeth, and is now 21 lbs. We think she will he smaller than Blu is (she’s 36 lbs now). 

--  We are still so obsessed with Blu and Indie. They are such a big part of our lives and put smiles on our faces every day. Right now they are very into frisbee and we’ve been taking long walks to the water…. And other times Blu is content just laying on her lounger in the backyard (yes, spoiled) lol.   They are so smart, we have taught them everything we can think of! On the days I work from home, Indie is always right at my feet or on my lap for video calls - everyone on my team loves to see her come on haha. 


Indie has been able to learn a few more tricks from Blu, and is such a friendly, outgoing, and cuddly little girl. As Blu is a little more timid than Indie, she has helped her to come out of her shell around new dogs. We have been very impressed with how quickly both girls have learned all their tricks and to walk so well on a leash when we take them for their walks or to the park - we often get compliments from complete strangers! They have also helped us to become better acquainted with the people in our neighborhood as we are always out and about with the girls. 


They are such a big part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine our family any other way. When people ask where we found the girls, we always have amazing things to say about you and Maurice and how much heart you two have put behind all of these incredible puppies that you raise, it really does make a huge difference. 

--Prim is 5 now and we love her dearly. We need to compete with our grandson for her attention!  Happy new year!

--Just a note to let you know,

Not a day goes by that wherever we walk or take Daisy to (Angility etc.) someone complements on her markings and what a beautiful puppy she is.


--Just a Maddie update! Shes doing amazing shes such a good girl we are very lucky!! :) she was very good at her vet appointment as

well!! Here are a few more pictures! I cant thank you enough shes a dream come true!

--Hello!! Just thought I would give you an update on Merlin! He is doing great, we are in puppy classes and he has made tons of friends :) He is getting so big!! He is the perfect puppy! He has so much personality its ridiculous hahaha we absolutely adore him! :) I attached two recent photos for you too :) And thank you again for this amazing little guy :)  

--Can't believe she is almost a year old! Happy and healthy and loves being outside. Beautiful girl. All the best,

--Hey Guys! Just thought I would email you and thank you again for these 2 amazing pups! Love them to death! Such crazy personalities, and its like they were born in the same litter, so much love! :) I have attached some photos for you too! :) Everyone who meets them loves them instantly, they are the best! :) Thanks so much!  (and they are best looking pups in the city!) Talk to you soon!            

---  Well the little Red Merle, Russet, just made himself at home in no time. Waffles just adores him and loves being “a big brother”.

__  Just wanted to send some pictures of our pup- we ended up naming him WAFFLES!  He honestly was one of the most easiest and laid back pups I have ever owned.   He is loved by all no matter where we go. He’s done well in all the classes and activities he has been in.

--, I just wanted to give you an update , it’s been a long time . We picked Ryker up from you back in March of 2021.
He is doing amazing and is super healthy ! He just turned two today , He weighs 65lbs and is pure muscle !! He has quite the personality, is a super cuddly guy, and is so smart , sometimes to smart for his own good !! He gets along well with everyone , including all animals .

---I just wanted to send some recent photos because she is so cute! And such a good little model.  Posie started agility classes last week. She was afraid of the tunnel at first but was running through in no time.

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