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For buyers seriously interested in one of our REGISTERED puppies please complete the below questions and email us at  This will enable us to learn about our buyers and what they are looking for from a puppy.   We are looking for matches where both the family and puppy will be happy. 

Buyer Questionnaire   

Questionnaire should be returned to my personal email address:

Applicant Information:

Full Legal Name:

Date of Applying:

Email address                                                                            Phone number:


Best time to call:

Have the primary/adult members of the household discussed getting a puppy and all agreed? It is important to discuss if this is the right time to get a puppy and agree on getting an Australian Shepherd.

How many people live in your household? Please include ages:

Do you have children and what are their ages? If you have children are you willing to review articles on how your child and puppy/dog should interact. Aussies are not always suited to families with small children as they are a herding dogs and have herding instincts.

Is the puppy meant for a gift/surprise for someone?

Do you own any other dogs/pets?  (Please list as: Name – Breed/Mix – Age – Altered/Intact):

 What type of housing do you live in?


 Do you rent or own?:

 If you rent have you approved a dog/puppy with your landlord?

Do you have a fenced yard?:

If not, what accommodations are you going to your puppy gets adequate exercise and in a safe environment?:


Do you understand that this/any puppy will require training from the basics up such as house breaking  and obedience training?: 

What attracted you to the Australian Shepherd breed?:

In your own words, describe what you feel  Australian Shepherd are like (temperament, activity level  and behavior):

What are your expectations from a puppy? (General temperament, goals you'd like to achieve, etc.):
Are you aware of how important socialization is for an Australian Shepherd?

Do you agree to a non-breeding contact and to spay/neuter the puppy?

Are you wanting a male or a female? 

Do you have a color/pattern preference?  We do not guarantee eye color.

Do you have any questions for us?



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