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Unconditionally Aussies was started as we love this beautiful and intelligent breed.

We started with only pets/companion dogs and since being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and Complex POST-TRAUMTIC STRESS DISORDER. owning dogs and raising puppies lifts my mood and helps me to feel less stressed by providing non judgemental companionship. 

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Having a Dog?

Dogs can make great pets. Having a dog as a pet can benefit anyone who likes dogs, including people with PTSD. For example, dogs:

  • Help bring out feelings of love.

  • Are good companions.

  • Take orders well when trained. 

  • Are fun and can help reduce stress.

  • Are a good reason to get out of the house, spend time outdoors, and meet new people.

Aussies are an intelligent, medium-sized dog with strong guardian instincts. They are a delightful and loyal companion and a great family dog. They love to be part of the daily hustle and bustle. They are easy to train, easy to housebreak, and eager to please.


They do require exercise and love to play. Jogging, Frisbee, fetch or a walk are all great activities for this athletic breed. Australian Shepherds are also quite content to curl up by your feet (a nice combination of both is a perfect environment for an Aussie). Aussies are high energy, very versatile dogs who enjoy having a job to do. Aussies have been used as seeing-eye dogs, as utility dogs to the physically handicapped, hearing aid dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Many go with their owners as volunteers to children's homes and nursing homes to do therapy work.


While there may be some who do not agree with us we breed both registered and non-registered Aussies.

COPIED FROM ANOTHER BREEDER - but this is so true some of our best aussies are tris. 

Saw this from a friend and wanted to share...

It is very interesting to see how many people were drawn to the breed for the merles but later developed a strong admiration for the tris, and it made me really think..

Any breeder will tell you- almost all they hear from prospective buyers is "I want a blue/red merle with two blue eyes." Very rarely does anyone ask about drive, temperament, activity level- all they care about are the spots. As a breeder, this drives us nuts! 🙈🙈 Sure, you are welcome to get what you want but please understand, you are going to LOOK at the color but you have to LIVE WITH THE DOG. I love my merles and my tri dog equally but limiting yourself to only merles automatically excludes half of the litter (on average) from your choices regardless of how ideal they may truly be for your family. So you want a more mild mannered merle- but the only merles are high drive and active so you settle for a 30% fit merle instead of the darling little tri that would fit in with your family PERFECTLY. Who is going to make up that 70%? You or the dog?

“But the merles are just prettier!” Look into the soulful brown or amber eyes of a tri with their sharp, contrasting markings and tell me that isn't a beautiful dog inside and out. 🤗🤗

Something to consider..
Tris come from the same parents and have the same amount of effort put into them as the merles. By selecting a tri, you can often end up with pick of the litter in either conformation, temperament, or both simply because the merles were chosen first based strictly on looks.

Consider more than the color, and don't forget to look at those precious solid babies dying for you to notice them. Don't pass up your ideal best friend simply because they were born a different color. Giving a tri a try may be the best thing you'll ever do. You'll never know if you don't TRI!

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